Van Reenen Transport, Warehouse en Verhuizingen

Van Reenen Transport, Warehouse and Removals

Welcome to Van Reenen Transport – Warehouse – Removals. What we do, is exactly what you want, because that is our job. Without boasting, without exaggerating. And that for almost one hundred years. We call this “customized transport”.

Whether it concerns an international transport of a shipment Dutch cheese for the pizza’s at Sicilia, stripped cowhides for a shoemaker in France, or escalators for a big shop in Amsterdam. We just do it. Boring and solid. Just as we are used to in Barneveld. Maybe that is the reason that we have a showcase full of licenses and certificates. As well as an enthusiastic customer base that is doing business with us already for years.

And we are still adding more clients to this group. That is no coincidence. Van Reenen Transport – Warehouse – Removals belongs to the top 3 percent of most healthy transport enterprises of the Netherlands. It pays to work hard and smart. With an eye for sustainability. That is how we do things in Barneveld. That is van Reenen Transport – Warehouse – Removals.