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The flawless organization of logistics flows requires the necessary expertise and experience. Thanks to their good training and knowledge of laws and regulations, our employees can do that like no other. With this we can take a lot of worries off our clients at Van Reenen. And that's what we do.

Continuous Improvement

We place high demands on our company in all aspects of our service. That is why at Van Reenen we are at the forefront when it comes to innovations and improvements. We always want to be at the forefront.

The high quality of our products naturally benefits our customers in the first instance. The result is that our partners continue to do business with us and do not switch quickly. Our employees are therefore constantly improving and streamlining business processes.

Continuous Improvement is not a necessary side effect for us but a daily part of our work.


Without IT, everything stands still. Even the transport sector. That is why our IT platform is extremely modern and is kept up to date down to the smallest bits and bytes. That way we can request information for ourselves and our customers at lightning speed.

To give a few examples: automatically and in many ways delivering orders, plans, managing our drivers, receiving track and trace information, PODs, and digital invoicing, etc. Van Reenen distinguishes itself from this from its competitors. We can offer our clients many of these ICT services, so that they too can make quick decisions at strategic moments.


Quality work is always accompanied by clear support processes and quality marks, but especially with compliance. We have recorded all of this at Van Reenen in, among other things, ISO 9001, Transport & Logistics Quality Mark, VCA and Skal.

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